Monthly Archives: May 2013

French Fries Drowning in Mayo – It’s True

You probably remember the conversation in Pulp Fiction about the French fries in Amsterdam, where they discuss that the most common condiment served with them is mayonnaise. Not only is that true, but French fries are an obsession in the Netherlands and it’s difficult to find a restaurant in Amsterdam that doesn’t serve them. When deciding what to eat in […]

Centraal Station area – Amsterdam Neighborhood Spotlight

The Centraal Station area – cheap sleeps and Amsterdam’s wildest nightlife This is part of the 3-part series discussing the main Amsterdam hotel districts so you can quickly decide where you’ll be happiest on your first trip to the city. The other districts have been grouped into the Leidseplein district and the Rembrandtplein area, and both have a lot to […]

Melkweg Needs a Bailout

The Melkweg (the Milky Way), the legendary Amsterdam concert and entertainment venue, is in trouble, and the city of Amsterdam is stepping in to try to save it. The huge Leidseplein venue underwent a major renovation earlier this year without having the financing completely lined up, and a July examination revealed that the entertainment complex was now €1.8 million in […]

Schiphol Airport of the Future

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is already famous as Europe’s favorite airport both for its efficiency and its design, and things are scheduled to get even better in the coming years. At the just-concluded Check-In 2007 convention in Las Vegas, which is an annual gathering of airport and airline officials, Schiphol managers showed off a futuristic system that should speed up passenger […]

The locals have been getting the munchies too

If you’ve been noticing longer than average queues at the Amsterdam candy counters this summer it hasn’t just been your imagination. A recently released survey by marketing research firm AC Nielsen reveals that during this rainy summer the consumption of sweets in the Netherlands has gone up noticeably. Sales of chocolate bars are up 14 percent, while smaller chocolate candies […]

Rembrandtplein – Amsterdam Neighborhood Spotlight

Rembrandtplein – Amsterdam’s glamorous district Of the three main hotel districts in Amsterdam, Rembrandtplein is a stand out in a few important ways. It is generally much nicer than the area around Centraal Station, and the location is central to virtually everything of interest to visitors of Amsterdam. It’s also not quite as far out as the Leidseplein area, which […]