Monthly Archives: May 2013

Heineken Experience reopening seems to be delayed

In late October 2007, Heineken gave almost no notice when they closed their iconic Amsterdam attraction known as the Heineken Experience for yet another renovation. At the time they announced they would reopen in June 2008 after a major upgrade that would also greatly increase the daily capacity. While corporations tend to do things like this more quickly and efficiently […]

Amsterdam sex clubs – A complete guide

When the majority of people who’ve visited the Dutch capital are asked about the prostitution thing, they will talk about the girls behind the windows in the Amstedam Red Light District. This is obviously the most famous public scene of prostitution in the city, and probably in the world, but it’s not the only one. Prostitution is totally legal in […]

How will Amsterdam’s new no-smoking laws affect the coffee shops?

You may have heard that as of July 1, 2008, Amsterdam is following in the footsteps of cities all over the world in banning cigarette smoking in public places. Some alarmists have spread false rumors that this law will shut down Amsterdam’s coffeeshops, but this isn’t true (we’ll get you for this, alarmists!!!). As of late April 2008, the exact […]

Early summer flights to Amsterdam

About once a month I examine trends on the cost of flights to Amsterdam from major North American cities. And in late April 2008, things are looking pretty grim for June flights. I guess the good news is that the June prices aren’t much different from the May prices I found, and a couple of them were a bit cheaper […]