Popular Amsterdam Attractions

When many people think of visiting Amsterdam only one or two main things come to mind, but there is much more to this city than prostitution and drugs. Even those who ignore the siren song of these twin vices will have endless options, and some of the major highlights are described below.

Anne Frank House – Strangely enough, this is the most popular attraction in Amsterdam for first-time visitors. There is an interesting new museum attached to the original house, and the lines to tour this place are always fairly long.

Heineken Experience – The famous brewery no longer brews beer, but it gives out a few samples anyway for those who check out the unique brewery tour and corporate image-building circus.




Rijksmuseum – The official state museum continues with a decade-long upgrade, but remains open while many of its most famous works, including Rembrandt’s “Night Watch” are housed in a temporary collection called The Masterpieces. Even in this form it’s still well worth a visit.

Red Light District – The oldest and arguably most beautiful part of the city is known for its legalized prostitution and anything goes atmosphere. Check out this section to find out how everything works because there’s much more to it than most people realize.

Van Gogh Museum – Vincent van Gogh has an outsized reputation as an artist and not everyone is a fan of his work, but this museum still packs them in and also features some of his contemporaries in a modern and impressive facility.

Day trips from Amsterdam – This is a compact city filled with sights, but even those who get bored easily have many options for interesting destinations within an hour or so by train.