Monthly Archives: May 2013

Heineken Experience closed for major renovations (again)

Only six years after its last major renovation (and year-long closing) the famous Heineken Brewery in Amsterdam has boarded itself up again until June 2008. The Heineken Experience, which is the name the attraction has called itself since it last reopened in 2001, closed on October 29, 2007 for a major multi-million euro revamping. The new attractions promised include a […]

Go to a great party, drink free beer, win a plane ticket

No, this isn’t a hyper-aggressive timeshare sales pitch, it’s the annual BootsnAll Holiday Party! If you can make it to Portland, Oregon on Saturday, December 1, be sure to join us if you can. Every year, BootsnAll — the huge multinational conglomerate that presents all this travel information (and I’m pretty sure also produces most of the world’s strongest pesticides, […]

Netherlands announces complete ban of magic mushrooms

After months of debate, the Netherlands announced on October 12 that they will ban all sales of hallucinogenic mushrooms, also known as “magic mushrooms,” which are currently sold at about 180 “smart shops” throughout the country, with the highest concentration in the Amsterdam city center. This has been a particularly hot topic this year as a few recent incidents associated […]

Amsterdam Dance Event – The world’s best dance music party and conference

For three days every year in mid October, Amsterdam hosts the premiere event for the dance music community. You could argue that Miami’s Winter Music Conference in March is bigger and the better party, and you’d be right about both those things, but as someone who has attended both at least three times and has observed which way the wind […]

Amsterdam Public Transportation Explained

Amsterdam is an excellent city to do completely on foot, but there are some occasions when you’ll want to use their efficient and confusing public transportation network. If you packed the wrong shoes or if you packed way too much stuff and you are staying in the cool area near Leidseplein, you’ll be thankful that the tram system is there. […]

Amsterdam Canal Cruises – a great first impression

As corny as they may sound, I’ve come to the realization while visiting over 100 cities that taking a simple bus tour upon arrival for the first time is the best way to get oriented in a hurry. I know, to be trapped on a slow moving bus with screaming families and catatonic senior citizens as it trundles through the […]