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Amsterdam airfareAmsterdam is a popular destination all year round and one thing that really helps visitors is that Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is a major European airline hub in addition to being a major destination unto itself. This keeps traffic and competition up and that helps keep Amsterdam airfare prices reasonable. The city itself is quite small, so having an outsized airport with so much traffic is a major benefit.

When to Travel to Find Cheap Airfare to Amsterdam

High Season Airfare to Amsterdam
Summer is obviously the busiest season in Amsterdam so it’s when fares are highest. If you must come in summer you can still find good deals if you start your search early enough. If fares seem strangely high you might try plugging in Wednesdays or Saturdays into the search engine as those days usually have the lowest fares since the more desirable days fill up first. At least you’ll be able to determine what the lowest possible fares are for that week at any given time.
Fringe Season Airfare to Amsterdam
If your schedule is flexible you should really think about booking a flight to Amsterdam in spring or fall. The summer weather here is not the big draw it is in many other places, and it can actually be cool and gray during summer for weeks on end. Spring and fall are obviously going to be cooler, but the airfares and hotel prices are lower and the city feels just about the same anyway.
Off Season Airfare to Amsterdam
Airfares are at their lowest in January and February and this can be a great time to visit so it’s worth considering. It rarely snows or dwells for long below freezing in Amsterdam so the biggest negative issue might be the limited daylight hours. Amsterdam is mostly an indoor city anyway so many frequent visitors only come during the fringe and off seasons, and avoid the summer crush at all cost.

Alternate Airports Near Amsterdam for Discount Airlines

If you are coming from elsewhere in Europe you can usually find good deals to Amsterdam on the low-cost carriers and the major airlines that compete with them. But if you aren’t seeing good prices you might also try checking prices into Rotterdam Airport (code: RTM). A couple of the budget carriers fly into Rotterdam. The cities are close together and an airport shuttle bus can take you from Rotterdam Airport to Amsterdam’s Centraal Train Station in about an hour.
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While You’re Here: Amsterdam Travel Tips

Just passing through Amsterdam?

If you are one of the many people with a long-ish layover at Schiphol with just enough time to pass through the city, check out the Amsterdam Layover Guide for everything you need to know for a really quick visit.