Amsterdam somehow isn’t one of the 12 places to see really good-looking locals

Amsterdam girl sadBootsnAll recently published one of those “list stories” called 12 places to see really good-looking locals, and Amsterdam seems to be a glaring omission. The article is fairly interesting and most of the photos are nice, but you still have to wonder how a city known for attractive locals like Amsterdam was left off.

It appears that they picked most of the 12 cities by region. Copenhagen is on the list and so is Prague, and both of those certainly belong, but Stockholm was left off as well. I guess the list wouldn’t be as interesting if half of it was comprised of places where you can see gorgeous tall blond people.

If you’ve yet to make it to Amsterdam you will probably be pleasantly surprised at how many attractive people live in the city. You may know that the Dutch are the tallest people on earth, and all fashion models are tall, so they are off to a pretty good start already. And just as in Scandinavia, Amsterdam has plenty of blond people who don’t have to redo the roots once per month. I guess Amsterdam is already crowded enough without everyone knowing about all the model-types roaming around freely.

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