Riding RandstadRail in The Netherlands

You’ve got to admit, if there’s one thing that Europe may just do better than the US, it’s public transportation. Sure some of our major cities, like New York, Portland, Boston and Chicago, have great rail networks to transport people within the city, but when it comes to getting between cities, this a culture that prefers to fly or (for […]

It’s easy to win a free copy of Rolf Potts’ new book if you act fast

At BootsnAll (the company who hosts Amsterdamlogue), we’re almost as happy talking about travel as we are actually traveling – and talking about travel with great travel writers like Rolf Potts makes us even happier. So we’re pleased to announce that BootsnAll is hosting a stop on Rolf’s virtual book tour for his new book, Marco Polo Didn’t Go There: […]