Schiphol Airport

Suspicious ‘priest’ nabbed with 3.5 kilos of cocaine at Schiphol Airport

As if the Catholic Church didn’t have enough problems already, a man claiming to be a priest was caught yesterday trying to bring 3.5 kilos of cocaine into the Netherlands at Schiphol Airport. Evidently he refused a routine body search on religious grounds and then was spotted getting in a different security line to try again. The man had just […]

Amsterdam Airport Layover Guide – Get out of Schiphol Airport

As popular as Amsterdam is as a destination, it seems to be just as popular as a place to change planes in the middle of a long journey, especially if your flight to Amsterdam is on either KLM or Northwest. The great news is that Amsterdam is one of the very few cities in the world where even a short […]

Schiphol Airport of the Future

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is already famous as Europe’s favorite airport both for its efficiency and its design, and things are scheduled to get even better in the coming years. At the just-concluded Check-In 2007 convention in Las Vegas, which is an annual gathering of airport and airline officials, Schiphol managers showed off a futuristic system that should speed up passenger […]