Anne Frank House

Amsterdam Anne Frank HouseThe Anne Frank House is probably the most famous attraction in town for new visitors. This is the actual house where Anne Frank, her family, and four others spent two years in hiding before being betrayed and turned in to the Nazis. If you’ve read the famous diary much of this will be familiar to you, but even if you haven’t this can be a fascinating place to visit. It’s the most popular of the museums in Amsterdam, so be prepared for a long line.
The section of the upstairs area where the family hid is surprisingly spacious, and thanks to them annexing the apartment next door to expand the museum, the facility is large enough to hold displays that tell not only the whole story of the Frank family, but also displays that highlight other forms of persecution and discrimination. There are no official tours, but the displays are logically laid out and written in English as well as Dutch.
The Anne Frank House is located along a scenic section of Prinsengracht, at #267, and is just across from part of the stylish Jordaan neighborhood. The interiors of the buildings are original, but on the outside the museum looks like a bank except for a few small signs. In fact, many people pass by it the first time without realizing it. If you see the line of people along Prinsengract, you’ve found it.
Price and tips for visitors
Lines can get very long in summer in particular. As with so many attractions like this, visiting first thing when it opens or shortly before closing is usually the best way to beat the lines. It takes about an hour to see everything so you don’t have to allocate a huge part of your day for this, but it is worth checking out for sure. In summer they keep longer hours to accommodate the crowds. Normal admission is €7.50 but discounts are available for young people and students.
More information can be found on the official Anne Frank House website.