Luxembourg City is the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, which lies at the crossroads of Germanic and Latin cultures. This little country boasts a lot of natural beauties and enjoys one of the highest standards of living in Europe. Luxembourg City is home to a superb fortification (added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list), the pedestrian old […]

Getting from Amsterdam to Luxembourg (and return)

Berlin is the capital of Germany and the country’s largest city. It is best known for its nightlife, museums and historical sites. Although badly damaged during the Second World War, Berlin has rebuilt itself beautifully and is now one of the hot stops of European tourism industry. Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is often regarded as some sort of a […]

Getting from Brussels to Berlin (and return)

Antwerp is a city located in the Belgium region of Flanders. It is known for being the world’s leading “diamond city” and also a very relaxing city to visit. Brussels (Bruxelles, Fr) is Belgium’s capital and the home to many headquarters of European Institutions. The city still retains its unique charm, although it’s definitely a crucible of cultures. Aside from […]

Getting from Brussels to Antwerp (and return)

Bruges (Brugge, Fr.) is located in the northern part of Belgium and is one of the best preserved pre-motorized cities in Europe. The city offers a different kind of charm which cannot be found elsewhere on the continent. Brussels (Bruxelles, Fr.) is the capital of Belgium and home to the headquarters of many European institutions. But the city also offers […]

Getting from Bruges to Brussels (and return)

Amsterdam is famous for being one of those places where learning the local language isn’t really required – the Dutch often speak English better than we do, and all the signs are in English as well. If you’re a language lover, however, or you just want to know a few key phrases to use on the locals to show them […]

Top 10 Dutch Phrases to Know

Most cities and towns around the world have some kind of museum or another – even if it’s just a room in the city hall – but not many people make a habit of visiting the museums where they live. Instead, going to museums and galleries seems to be something reserved for travel. When the museums are good ones, this […]

What to do in Amsterdam when you’re museum’d out?