While the drug laws in most countries don’t make headlines around the world, the announcement late last month that the Dutch government was going to implement a ban on non-residents buying cannabis by the end of the year has been widely discussed outside the Netherlands. Amsterdam may be the most commonly recognized Dutch destination for travelers when they think of […]

How will the proposed ban on tourists buying cannabis in ...

A quick glance at Amsterdam’s holiday calendar might give you the impression that the city is always celebrating something – and that’s not far from the truth. Especially during the warmer months, there are music, film, and theatre festivals as well as dance parties, art exhibits, parades, and open-air movies. Even if you aren’t traveling to Amsterdam specifically for a […]

Festivals in Amsterdam

When couples who love to travel begin to think about getting married, one of the logical options is to have a destination wedding. It’s not even called eloping all that often anymore, because so many people plan weddings in far-off places and invite their friends and family anyway. Some places, however, make it more difficult than others to get married […]

Getting Married in Amsterdam

You’ve got to admit, if there’s one thing that Europe may just do better than the US, it’s public transportation. Sure some of our major cities, like New York, Portland, Boston and Chicago, have great rail networks to transport people within the city, but when it comes to getting between cities, this a culture that prefers to fly or (for […]

Riding RandstadRail in The Netherlands

As major an airport in Europe as Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is, you’d think it would be so enormous that it would require being set far away from the city center. In reality, it takes a scant half-hour by train to get from Centraal Station to Schiphol (or vice versa), so you may not necessarily need an airport hotel at Schiphol […]

Hotels Near Schiphol Airport

In spite of its unpredictable and often gloomy weather during the period, Amsterdam is definitely one of Europe’s hot spots each New Years Eve. Some cities ring in the New Year in calm and dignified ways, but not Amsterdam. The whole city becomes one big party, although the locals and the many tourists do seem to find themselves separated for […]

New Years in Amsterdam