BootsnAll is throwing a big party in Portland, Oregon, and you are invited!

I know it’s not terribly obvious at first, but Amsterdamlogue (AKA Why Go Amsterdam) is part of a large network of travel sites based in Portland, Oregon, and the company that hosts them all,, is throwing a big bash to celebrate our 10th anniversary.

Not only is the party free to get in with free snacks and free booze, but there will be valuable travel-related prizes given away throughout the evening. I’m not talking about giving away a free tote bag, this will be airline tickets and that sort of thing, although there might be a tote bag in there somewhere too. I believe the grand prize will be a $1,500 trip, so if free booze and snacks in a cool place isn’t enough to draw you in, come to win the prizes.

In case you are wondering, this isn’t some sort of time share-style pitch where you’ll be cornered with the hopes of selling you something. Nope, it’s just a great and annual holiday party that the founders like to throw to meet some of the online community that already exists at BootsnAll, and also make some new friends.

Date: Saturday, December 6, 2008
Time: 7pm to 1am
Place: Wonder Ballroom, Portland OR
RSVP here

Not that you even know who I am, but I’ll be DJing for the last few hours, and the whole thing promises to be a blast. You can get more details here at the Bootblog.