Canal Cruises in Amsterdam: What You’ll See [Video]

You may have read on this site that taking an Amsterdam canal cruise is a great way to get acquainted with the city. It may be touristy and you may not want to take such a cruise tour once you’ve gotten to know your way around, but the truth is that you are a tourist – so why not sit back and enjoy the ride?

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If you’re still on the fence, here are some videos to give you an idea of what you’ll experience on an Amsterdam canal tour.

Obviously, if you know someone in Amsterdam with a boat who’s willing to give you a private tour then you’re ahead of the game – but if not, there are plenty of seats available on the covered canal boats you’ll find throughout the city.

Boat Ride from Will Lew on Vimeo.

This video by one of the canal cruise companies gives you an idea of some of the different boats that populate the canals.

Finally, if you want to take a day trip outside of Amsterdam to Den Bosch, they’ve got canals and canal tours, too. Theirs are different in that the canals go underneath buildings – which makes for a unique canal cruise.