One of the iconic symbols of the Netherlands is the windmill, so it’s only natural that there’s a national holiday honoring these historic machines. National Windmill Day falls on the 2nd Saturday in May each year, and usually the festivities span over the course of the whole weekend. Windmills around the Netherlands are decorated for National Windmill Day, and the […]

National Windmill Day

Most cities and towns around the world have some kind of museum or another – even if it’s just a room in the city hall – but not many people make a habit of visiting the museums where they live. Instead, going to museums and galleries seems to be something reserved for travel. When the museums are good ones, this […]

What to do in Amsterdam when you’re museum’d out?

One day there might be a museum dedicated to all things cannabis in every major city, but for now you’ll have to come to Amsterdam to visit the world’s first and only Hash Museum. With marijuana being (effectively) legal to buy and consume in Amsterdam’s many coffee shops, including dozens in this same Red Light District neighborhood, this is something […]

Marijuana Museum in Amsterdam AKA the Hash Marihuana Hemp Museum

Just newly opened in October, 2008, the Amsterdam Vodka Museum adds itself to the collection of tourist attractions aimed squarely at adults in this city. It’s just down the street from the Sex Museum, and only about a 5-minute walk from both the Erotic Museum and the Hash, Marihauna, and Hemp Museum, which are both in the Red Light District. […]

Vodka Museum in Amsterdam

One of the many odd and unexpected treats of any visit to Amsterdam is getting a chance to see (and possibly trip over) what might be the world’s smallest production car. The “Canta” is manufactured in the Netherlands by a small company called Waaijenberg, which also appears to make a more realistic-sized car and also motorized wheelchairs in a three-pronged […]

The world’s smallest car? Meet the “Canta”

This former home of the famous 17th-Century Dutch painter is one of the more popular museums in Amsterdam, though it’s definitely a notch below the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Anne Frank House on most people’s checklists. Much of Rembrandt’s known work is on display here, alongside many pieces by students of his and others who shared influences […]

Rembrandt House Museum