Amsterdam is an awesome destination and certainly worthy of its own trip. But we run across travelers all the time who are planning longer, multi-stop, round the world trips. When planning a trip of this magnitude, it’s always difficult narrowing down your itinerary. We built several longer trips that include Amsterdam in the itinerary – from longer, round the world […]

Indie Trips that Include Amsterdam

For the budget travelers, the best time to plan their vacation in Amsterdam is spring. Although it’s still a bit cold, the city wakes up and prepares for the fast-paced summer days. Cheap flights to Amsterdam are much easier to find during the shoulder seasons (spring and fall) than during the peak travel time. And the airlines are promoting flights […]

Visiting Amsterdam in Spring

Fortunately for those of us who love Amsterdam, it has one of the biggest and busiest airports in all of Europe. This means there is crazy amounts of competition, which helps keep prices low. KLM/Air France, all by itself, flies nonstop to nearly every major city in the world from Amsterdam, so getting here on just a single flight is […]

Alternate airports for Amsterdam

Anyone who has been paying attention even a little bit is well aware that cheap airline tickets are easier to find these days than they have been in many years. Partly as a service to readers of this site, and partly out of curiosity myself, I check airfares to Amsterdam from the places where most readers of this site are […]

Summer flights to Amsterdam are still much cheaper than normal