Go to a great party, drink free beer, win a plane ticket

BootsnAll Party 2007No, this isn’t a hyper-aggressive timeshare sales pitch, it’s the annual BootsnAll Holiday Party! If you can make it to Portland, Oregon on Saturday, December 1, be sure to join us if you can. Every year, BootsnAll — the huge multinational conglomerate that presents all this travel information (and I’m pretty sure also produces most of the world’s strongest pesticides, but I can’t confirm that) — holds a holiday blowout in its home city of Portland.

As usual, there will be beer and wine provided for those of us who are smart enough to avoid the hard stuff, and the usual selection of munchies, but this year offers a new twist. There will be valuable prizes handed out to attendees with a promised grand prize of a $500 voucher for an air ticket. You know what they say — if it sounds too good to be true it probably is — so I’m half expecting to wake up the next day as an involuntary crew member on a ship bound for Shanghai, but I’m a gambler so I’m going to be there to see what happens.

You can find out more information about the party on the Bootblog, which I assume will be updated with further details on the rest of the prizes and penalties for not attending. There are even rumors of Amsterdamlogue hosting a special welcome party that weekend.

We can tell you this much: Some of the editors and the senior Amsterdamlogue writers have had several meetings about such a get together, but this bunch tends to get easily distracted and the meetings rarely get anything accomplished beyond rehashing the usual list of favorite Pink Floyd albums and techniques for making smores in a microwave while still capturing the taste of the great outdoors.

We will keep you posted so watch this space for updates on a possible special Amsterdamlogue in Portland welcome party.