There’s nothing quite like cheering for your favorite country in a competition – no matter what the sport – but the cheering seems to be especially vigorous when the games in question only happen every four years. And I’m not talking about the Olympics in this case, either. I’m talking about the World Cup. It’s the biggest sporting event in […]

Cheering Holland On at the World Cup

One of the many highlights of August in Amsterdam, and also the biggest week in the gay Amsterdam calendar, Amsterdam’s Pride week takes over parts of the city early in the month and by far the biggest event is the famous Canal Parade. In a city known for its tolerance of nearly everything, it’s no surprise that the parade is […]

Amsterdam Gay Pride Canal Parade

One of summer’s most highly anticipated events among locals has a name that is more than a little misleading for outsiders. Yes, “De Parade” translates into “the parade,” but this is much more of a carnival with a theater theme than anything resembling the kinds of marching parades that Americans are used to on national holidays. De Parade actually visits […]

De Parade in Amsterdam