Hostels near Vondelpark

vondelparkpondVondelpark, in case you haven’t been to Amsterdam yet, is very much like the Central Park of the city, even though it’s actually sort of in the corner of the city center itself. In other words, it’s not the most centrally located area in town, but it’s still very nice, and it’s close to Museum Square and Leidseplein, so staying in this part of the city puts you in excellent shape to visit museums during the day and catch the city’s best nightlife at night.

Below you’ll see a map of all the good hostels in the Vondelpark neighborhood. In case you are curious, the park is quite big and the southwest portion of it is pretty much all residential, so all the hostels are bunched together toward the northeast entrance. And if you are looking for a “party hostel” in this neighborhood, look no farther than the Flying Pig Uptown, since all the others on this list try to keep partying to a minimum while the Pig is really fun around the clock.

Map of hostels near Vondelpark

(Descriptions and editorial reviews are below the map)

Flying Pig Uptown

This member of the infamous Flying Pig hostels chain definitely lives up to the reputation of the others, so it’s a great choice if you are interested in one of Amsterdam’s party hostels, but maybe not ideal for those just looking for a quiet place to sleep. This hostel has a busy and fun bar, which has constant drink specials, so it also lands on the list of places to get cheap drinks in Amsterdam.

This is a very popular hostel with cheap rates on dorms and private rooms, so if you know you want to stay here you are advised to book early, since it does fill up regularly. And even though it’s not obvious on the map, this place does overlook the sliver of the park in this area, so it’s in a nice spot.

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Stayokay Vondelpark

This is like the mellow brother to the Flying Pig, and they are just across the park from each other. The Stayokay is one of the cheapest hostels in Amsterdam, and it has this ideal park and museum quarter location, so it books up fast. It’s not a party hostel, so it’s ideal for those who want a quiet sleep at a clean place.

During certain times of the year they insist on a 3-night minimum, so don’t be too surprised if you are rejected if you are only trying to book one or two nights.

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Marnix Hotel and Hostel

The Marnix is a combination hostel and hotel and it stays pretty booked up because it offers very reasonable prices and has an excellent location. It’s not too near Vondelpark really, but it’s just one block from the Leidseplein square, which is the busiest restaurant and entertainment district in the city. It’s as close as you can get without being so close that you have to deal with noise issues.

On the other hand, the Marnix has a reputation for being basic and stripped down, so book here because you want an excellent location at a great price, but not because you really want a wonderful hostel to spend the day in. It’s basic and not everyone who stays here loves it, so don’t let your expectations get too high.

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International Budget Hostel

Ironically, this “budget hostel” is actually one of the more expensive hostels in the city, but it’s also one of the nicest, and it has a great location as well. It’s very close to the Leidseplein entertainment area, but it’s on a quiet side street so you don’t have to deal with noise problems.

This place is well run with a friendly staff who really care about the guests, so it’s a good choice for those who might want to spend a few hours in the place before or after getting some sleep. Again, the prices aren’t the lowest, but many people find the extra money to be worth it to stay here.

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Hans Brinker Hotel

The Hans Brinker is one of the more famous hostel/hotels in Amsterdam, and most recently they’ve tried to capitalize on their basic no-frills service by boasting that they are the “Worst hotel in the world.” They aren’t. This place is well run with a good location and is a great choice for low budget travelers.

It’s located on Kerkstraat, which doesn’t have a canal, but it’s quiet with some interesting shops and bike rental places nearby. It’s also just a couple blocks from Leidseplein, so you are only minutes from all those restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and coffeeshops.

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Inner Amsterdam

The Inner Amsterdam isn’t too well known, but it’s a great find anyway. It’s very close to the museum district and to Vondelpark, and it’s only a few blocks from Leidseplein, so it’s easy to get back and forth in the evenings when the museum area is dead but Leidseplein is hopping.

This place gets high ratings from past guests in almost every category, and the prices are quite reasonable for this level of quality and service, so this is a good first choice for anyone looking for nice and cheap beds near the museums.

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Trianon Hotel

The Trianon Hotel is close to and similar to the Inner Amsterdam mentioned above. It’s got a great location for those who want to be near the museums and Vondelpark, as well as near Leidseplein for their nighttime activities. This place is also not a party hostel, so don’t book here if that is what you are after.

This hostel/hotel is fairly popular with quite a few return guests, so this is another one you’ll want to book early if you’ve decided this is where you want to stay.

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Princess Hotel

The Princess Hotel is another mixed hotel/hostel property that is firmly in the low-budget category. It has a really nice location between Vondelpark and Leidseplein, in an area packed with slightly more expensive hotels. This isn’t a party hostel at all, and it’s really not a fun hangout even if you aren’t going to be drinking or getting high. But again, the location is good and the prices are reasonable, so it could be a good place if some of the others on this list are sold out.

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