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Where should you stay in Amsterdam?

Location is really important
Amsterdam hotelThere are literally hotels in almost every corner of the city of Amsterdam. The greater metro area is quite large, but the center of the city, which is where everything visitors care about is located, is rather compact.
To make things even a bit trickier there are basically three ideal areas of central Amsterdam that are each loaded with hotels and also many restaurants, bars, cafes, coffeeshops, clubs, shopping spots and everything else the visitor prefers to be near. And there are many other areas of Amsterdam that are quite residential and perhaps a 10-minute walk to the fun areas.
During peak season you might have to book into a distant hotel, but if possible you’ll really enjoy your visit more if you choose which of the three areas listed below is best for you and find a place right in that area.

Which Amsterdam neighborhood is right for you?
There are three main neighborhoods for hotels in Amsterdam and the differences between them are pretty significant so you should read the summaries of each area.
After deciding which area you prefer you can start with the recommended hotels in each price range further down this page. Each of those hotels offers good value and an excellent location, but there are plenty of other Amsterdam hotels from which to choose in each of those neighborhoods. The recommended ones can help you determine a general price range so you can compare other hotels you might be considering in that same Amsterdam neighborhood.

Information about the types of hotels in Amsterdam

3-star Hotels in Amsterdam (and above)
Within the Amsterdam hotel category there are two main divisions. Places that maintain a 3-star or above ranking are generally expensive and well suited to business travelers and the well-heeled package tourist types. These places tend to have fifty or more rooms and the inside of any of these rooms will look familiar to anyone who’s stayed in a nicer hotel anywhere else in the world. If you want a large and quiet room with a comfortable bed and all the amenities, there are plenty of suitable places for you in Amsterdam if you’re prepared to pay for it.
How to get nicer rooms in Amsterdam at a discount
Because many of these hotels rely largely on business travelers it’s possible to get them for bargain rates during certain times of the year. These special rates are rarely available too far in advance, but if you are looking to book your room at the last minute it’s worth checking this out. If the large chain hotels are looking fairly empty for an upcoming period they sometimes put their rooms on the “push list,” so you can get a nice 4-star room for the same price as a basic 2-star room if you get lucky.
If you are arriving in Amsterdam in 14 days or less, check out the prices on this last-minute hotel search page. If there are good deals to be had on nicer hotels that still have an abundance of rooms you’ll find them there. One small warning though, that site always shows cheap rooms for the next two weeks, but many of these rooms will be at poorly-located hotels. A cheap room is not a bargain if you are a 15-minute tram ride outside of the city in a strange neighborhood. In Amsterdam it’s really important to stay in a central location so check this carefully before booking on that site.
On the budget end
Then you have 2-star and below hotels. These star ratings aren’t a subjective system that depends on the whims and mood of the reviewer. They are based on specific criteria that has little or nothing to do with how new the furniture in the rooms is, or whether there is a mint on your pillow. And because of this you can sometimes find good bargains in the lower categories. A hotel that takes up floors 2 through 4 of a building can’t get a 3 star rating unless it has an elevator, even if it qualifies in every other way. So if you don’t mind climbing a few stairs you can sometimes find a great deal on a hotel because it has to compete in prices with other 2 star places.
Most 1 and 2 star hotels in Amsterdam tend to be fairly spartan though. The rooms are small and the furniture is often typical more of the local lifestyle than of international hotels. In other words, because of the way the city is shaped, furniture tends to be lightweight and small. In some cases this might translate to a bed that is not as comfortable as you might be used to. If this might be an issue for you it may be wise to look at a room before committing to staying there.
Most people find staying in the manner of the locals to be charming and the lower prices only add to the experience. One small warning though: In the older canal houses you’ll encounter staircases that more closely resemble ladders due to their comical steepness. If you struggle at all with normal stairs this is a much bigger issue in Amsterdam than it is anywhere else.

WhyGo Amsterdam’s Recommended Hotels in Amsterdam

The following hotels are recommended based on having great locations and a history of positive reviews from previous guests. Needless to say, the lower the price the lower your expectations should be. There is no such thing as a 4-star room with a great location at a 1-star price in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Hotels in Centraal Station Area

Budget Hotels Near Centraal Station in Amsterdam

  • St. Christophers Inn/Winston Hotel – This hotel/hostel complex in the heart of the non-seedy part of the Red Light District is justifiably popular so book well ahead. Rooms start at €55 for private rooms, but they’ve also got dorm beds for less. The Winston has each room designed in a modern style by a different artist, and they’ve got a good bar/nightclub as well. Highly recommended for those who don’t need a really quiet place.
  • Continental Centre Hotel – This budget hotel is right on Damrak so it’s a short walk from both Centraal Station and Dam Square, and also just a couple blocks from the madness of the Red Light District. Their double rooms start at €55 per night, and they also have rooms with 4 beds starting at €80 per night.
  • Travel Hotel – This small hotel in a quiet and non-seedy part of the Red Light District has rooms starting at €50 per night. The location is ideal for anyone wanting to be close to the action, but not too close.

Mid-Range Hotels Near Centraal Station in Amsterdam

  • Hotel Singel – This 3-star hotel is very close to Centraal Station, but still away from the craziness of the Red Light District. It’s close to the huge Kalverstraat pedestrian-only shopping zone, and also not far from the Anne Frank House. Prices start around €85 per night, although be aware that some people feel the rooms are too small.
  • Hotel Delta – This 3-star hotel is right on Damrak, which is the busy street that connects Centraal Station with Dam Square, so it’s an easy walk from both. Rooms are on the small side, but prices are decent starting around €70 per night, and the location is very good if you want to be central.

High-End Hotels Near Centraal Station in Amsterdam

  • Hotel Swissôtel Amsterdam – This large hotel is right off Dam Square, which is an ideal location for a higher-end property that is still close to Centraal Station. The Red Light District is nearby and Rembrandtplein is less than a 10-minute walk away. Prices start around €160 in low season.

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Amsterdam Hotels in Rembrandtplein Area

Budget Hotels Near Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam

  • Rembrandt Square Hotel – Unsurprisingly, this hotel is right on Rembrandtplein (Rembrandt Square) so it’s right in the middle of the main nightlife district. Single rooms start at €27 per night and doubles start at €50, which makes this a great bargain for this area, even considering the shared bathroom. They also have rooms with 3 or 4 beds, so it’s a good choice for groups here checking out the nightlife, but not a good choice for people who want serenity.

Mid-Range Hotels Near Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam

  • Hotel Ajax – This 2-star hotel is located on Rokin street, which connects Dam Square to the Rembrandtplein area. It’s a great central location and with rooms starting at €55 per night with en suite it’s a good bargain for those wanting to be central and near Rembrandtplein.

High-End Hotels Near Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam

  • NH Schiller Hotel – This large 4-star hotel is right on Rembrandtplein so it’s perfectly located for those who want to be in the middle of the nightlife area. Rooms start around €120 per night.

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Amsterdam Hotels in Leidseplein Area

Budget Hotels Near Leidseplein in Amsterdam

  • Freeland Hotel – Most of the hotels near Leidseplein, especially the cheaper ones, are actually several blocks south of the main square, but the Freeland Hotel is a highly-rated 2-star place that is just steps away. Their rooms start around €70 per night, which is quite good for this area. If you like being near the center of the action, this is a great choice.

Mid-Range Hotels Near Leidseplein in Amsterdam

  • Hotel Vondel – This 4-star hotel is just past the busy Leidseplein area and very near Museum Square and the gorgeous Vondel Park. It’s not super close to the nightlife, but previous guests give it high marks and rooms start around €74 per night.
  • Hotel Dikker & Thijs Fenice – This 4-star hotel is on the Prinsengracht canal very near the main Leidseplein square. The location is ideal as it puts you near Leidseplein, but also closer to Rembrandtplein and Dam Square. Their rooms start around €95 per night in low season, which is quite good for a 4-star place.

High-End Hotels Near Leidseplein in Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam American Hotel – This elegant 175-room 4-star hotel is an Amsterdam institution as it towers directly over the Leidseplein, so the location doesn’t get any better. Rooms start around €140, and views from the upper floors are especially nice.

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Amsterdam’s Most Popular Hotels

Here is more information and a closer look at some of the most popular hotels in Amsterdam. These aren’t necessarily some of the cheapest nor do they necessarily have the best locations, but they all get extremely high marks from previous guests so they should be of interest to those looking in these price ranges and neighborhoods.
Near Central Station

Near Rembrandtplein

  • Banks Mansion Hotel – This hotel has an excellent location overlooking a canal just two blocks from Rembrandtplein.

Near the Jordaan

  • Hotel Nadia – This 3-star hotel has an excellent location between Dam Square and the lovely Jordaan neighborhood.