Indie Trips that Include Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an awesome destination and certainly worthy of its own trip. But we run across travelers all the time who are planning longer, multi-stop, round the world trips. When planning a trip of this magnitude, it’s always difficult narrowing down your itinerary.

We built several longer trips that include Amsterdam in the itinerary – from longer, round the world trips to jaunts through Europe. By using Indie, the world’s first flight finder that allows you to instantly search, price, and book multi-stop tickets of more than 6 legs, it’s easy to customize and make all these trips your own.

Use these trips as inspiration for your own!

This trip takes travelers from Chicago on a round the world trip through some of the great cities and sites in the world. Start in Amsterdam, head to see the pyramids outside of Cairo, then head to Bangkok before returning back to the states.

With Indie, it’s super quick and easy to change your itinerary and dates around to fit your needs. Gone are the days of having to email your customer service rep and wait for a new price. Simply We simply changed the above itinerary to reflect someone from New York searching. It took 1 minute, 13 seconds to change the itinerary and get a new price.

Build overland segments into your trip as well. The above trip, originating in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a jaunt around Europe that includes several overland segments. Fly into London, travel overland to Paris and Amsterdam, then fly to Athens and Lisbon before heading back.

This trip originates in Sydney and takes travelers on a trip through Europe, arriving in Rome, traveling overland to Amsterdam, then off to Reykjavik before heading to San Francisco. And why not add in several weeks in Hawaii on the way back? Just for fun, I took out the Honolulu leg, and the price only dropped about $200USD.

Photo credits: Fabienkhan