It’s easy to get cheap airfare to Amsterdam

Those of you lucky enough to have a job or some money, and a bit of time on your hands (a wicked combination in any climate), will be happy to know that flights to Amsterdam are just about the cheapest they’ve been in many years, at least for this time of year.

I’ve been following the fares from the cities below for over a year now, and this is just about as cheap as I’ve seen all around, outside of the dead-of-winter February flights that can get even a bit lower.

The competition among airlines and the smaller number of passengers has made it so flying to the Dutch capital is a major bargain, and it’s unlikely these prices will stay this low in the months ahead.

Summer is obviously the peak season for visits, and always when fares are at their highest, and some might hope that this summer could be an exception due to the worldwide collapse of just about everything. The problem with that is airlines are starting to park extra planes in hangars, instead of flying them all around half full or less. So even with demand lower than other summers, prices should still be higher than they are now, even if they aren’t as high as the insanity of summer 2008.

Where to stay

Not surprisingly, visits to Amsterdam are down this year, and that is taking its toll on the hotel industry as well. I’m hearing that the better Amsterdam hostels are doing great business, since so many travelers are cutting their budgets to the bone, so the hostels might not be the place to find bargains now.

Instead, you should check rates at Amsterdam hotels, and particularly look in the 3 and 4-star properties. Those places are normally full of tour group and business travelers, and both those segments are staying home at the moment, so it’s possible to find a room in a 3-star Amsterdam hotel for what you would expect to pay in a hostel dorm.

I just checked prices using the widget at the top of this page, after I put in my dates I checked out Venere and a couple other booking sites (each with just one click) and I found a 3-star hotel with a good location for €25 per night, for the whole room! That’s cheaper than any Amsterdam hostel if there are two of your traveling. What are you waiting for?!?!

Flight bargains at the moment:

  • Atlanta – $589
  • Boston – $541
  • Chicago – $580
  • Los Angeles – $575
  • New York City – $450
  • Portland, Or – $695
  • Seattle – $588
  • San Francisco – $536
  • Toronto – $583

Use the booking widget at the top of this page to find your own best price.