Money-saving tips for Europe in 2008

Vondelpark sleeperOver at BootsnAll they’ve just published an article full of money-saving tips for Europe travel, which should come in especially handy for Americans since our currency keeps edging toward being worthless against the now-mighty euro. When the euro debuted at just over $1.17 each things seemed about right, and then it marched down to about 82 US cents before starting to climb back up to the dizzying heights of around $1.55 where it stands as I write this.

I remember being in Europe when the euro was 87 cents, although it wasn’t actually in circulation yet. Those were good times for Americans, but now we are getting our ass kicked so we need to travel like cheapskates to even come close to keeping things affordable this year.

If you’ve traveled a lot most of these tips will be pretty familiar to, but there might be some interesting ones on there as well. One of my favorites is to check out museum schedules for when they have discounted or free admission. I actually don’t think any of Amsterdam’s main museums offers these kinds of discounts outside of the National Museum Weekend in early April, but many museums and similar attractions in Europe and elsewhere do have free days or evenings. That National Museum Weekend is on April 5 and 6 in 2008, so it’s coming up this weekend now that I think about it.

Check out BootsnAll’s 11 tips to stretch our weak dollar in Europe article and hopefully it will help you save at least a few euros in the process.

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