Indie Trips that Include Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an awesome destination and certainly worthy of its own trip. But we run across travelers all the time who are planning longer, multi-stop, round the world trips. When planning a trip of this magnitude, it’s always difficult narrowing down your itinerary. We built several longer trips that include Amsterdam in the itinerary – from longer, round the world […]

Summer flights to Amsterdam – Price watch

Each month I examine the trends in airfare to Amsterdam from North America. As of late May 2008, things are looking fairly grim for anyone hoping to snag a really cheap flight. The insane price of fuel has definitely crept its way into airfare prices, and yet still the airlines are getting clobbered and in some cases cutting back on […]

Early summer flights to Amsterdam

About once a month I examine trends on the cost of flights to Amsterdam from major North American cities. And in late April 2008, things are looking pretty grim for June flights. I guess the good news is that the June prices aren’t much different from the May prices I found, and a couple of them were a bit cheaper […]

Late spring airfare to Amsterdam

If you are planning an Amsterdam trip coming up soon and you haven’t yet booked your ticket this could be a tricky time to get a cheap flight to Amsterdam. I used to live in Amsterdam, but now I live in Portland, Oregon and I go back and forth doing research trips so I’m always investigating airfare trends and whatnot. […]