Indie Trips that Include Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an awesome destination and certainly worthy of its own trip. But we run across travelers all the time who are planning longer, multi-stop, round the world trips. When planning a trip of this magnitude, it’s always difficult narrowing down your itinerary. We built several longer trips that include Amsterdam in the itinerary – from longer, round the world […]

Getting from Amsterdam to Madrid (or the other way around)

Hopping from one European city to another is the foundation of any grand tour through the continent, but some such journeys are easier than others. It’s a quick train trip, for instance, from Amsterdam to Paris – but getting from Amsterdam to Madrid is an entirely different animal. It’s impossible to say which is the best way for everyone to […]

Getting from Amsterdam to Stockholm (or the other way around)

As two of the bigger and more famous cities in “Northern Europe” it would be great if you could get between them quickly and cheaply, but unfortunately that’s not the case since they are in fact about 700 miles (1100 kilometers) apart. Also, the farther north you go in Europe the more expensive travel tends to be, so this won’t […]