Van Gogh Museum

Amsterdam Van Gogh MuseumThe Van Gogh Museum is a huge draw for visitors to Amsterdam. It’s located in the museum district in the south section of the city, between Leidseplein and Vondelpark. Vincent Van Gogh is the most famous and enigmatic of the many artists who called Amsterdam home, and this museum is the largest collection of his works anywhere. This is one of the most popular Amsterdam museums, so prepare to wait in a long queue if you go at a peak time.

There are exhibits of his early work all the way through to his later years, and many of his most famous pieces are on permanent display, including three of his sunflower paintings. There are also displays of some of the artist’s contemporaries, which add some welcome perspective to the overall collection.

Not the best choice for everyone

The museum is tiny compared to the nearby Rijksmuseum even though they cost the same for admission. And to be honest, many people wait a long time to get into the Van Gogh Museum only to find they aren’t huge fans of his paintings. His strange story and troubled life make him a compelling artist even for those who don’t swoon over his work, but if you are going to visit only one art museum in Amsterdam you might consider the Rijksmuseum instead.




Price and visitor tips

Admission is €10 and there are big discounts for children, but none for students or groups. The lines to buy tickets usually range from troubling to ridiculous, particularly during summer, so it’s worth trying to work around them. Going just as the museum opens is usually a faster way in, as is going during the last opening hours of the day. The collection is not huge so most people are content with under two hours to check everything out.

Buying advance tickets online

You can also buy tickets online in advance on the Van Gogh Museum website. This will save you much of the waiting outside, but the crowds inside are still at a peak during prime hours so you might still consider going early or late for a more pleasant overall experience.

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