Visiting Amsterdam in Spring

amsterdam-sunFor the budget travelers, the best time to plan their vacation in Amsterdam is spring. Although it’s still a bit cold, the city wakes up and prepares for the fast-paced summer days. Cheap flights to Amsterdam are much easier to find during the shoulder seasons (spring and fall) than during the peak travel time. And the airlines are promoting flights to European capitals during this time of the year.

Although the city is not exactly a cheap place for accommodation, it is possible to find cheap hotels in Amsterdam , especially during spring. Do make sure to read the reviews so that you won’t end up in a type of hotel (or hostel) you don’t fancy or in an area which you won’t be comfortable with. During the weekend hotels tend to be more crowded and slightly more expensive as Europeans are crazy about weekend breaks in beautiful cities.

In March the flights and accommodation prices are relatively low and they start to climb by early April. If you keep your eyes on European low-cost airlines you’ll be able to save quite a lot on airfare. For example, Flybe is having a special sale until March 4 for travel by October 30. So you can fly to Amsterdam from £30.99 even during the summer months!

Remember to pack accordingly, as the weather is still cold. Daytime temperatures are just below 9C and the nighttime ones are slightly above freezing. But if you manage to come here during sunny days, you will be delighted with the city’s atmosphere.

And if you are crazy in love with football (soccer) and plan to watch all the matches this summer, you should also pick up a Netherlands World Cup 2010 jersey and if you happen to plan your visit in Amsterdam during the big event, you can wear it at a bar while you watch the matches with your friends.