Vote for your favorite hostel in Amsterdam!

You know how it is, all the descriptions of the hostels and hotels on the internet look similar and make all the places sound awesome. And then you check in to the one you booked only to find that it’s nowhere near the city center, or right next to the deafening commuter train tracks. Or maybe the staff is so rude that it takes all your strength not to punch them in the face.

Amsterdam bulldog hostelThe BootsnAll hostel section has started a voting system, so with a simple click we travelers can help each other out to sort the wheat from the chaff. Many people shun anything to do with the Bulldog chain in Amsterdam, but when you stayed at their hostel on your first visit did you like it or not? The Flying Pigs have a big reputation, but would you recommend either one, or both, to your fellow travelers? Is one of the lesser-known hostels a hidden gem or a place to avoid?

Check out the Amsterdam hostels page and give it a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down for all the places you’ve stayed. With a few simple clicks we can help our fellow wanderers so they know if previous hostel guests would recommend it to their friends or not. Reading about one person’s experience can be interesting, but for all we know the vast majority of guests had the opposite experience and didn’t bother to write about it.

The system is in place for several major cities and the more votes cast the better idea we’ll all have if some of these places are crap or if they are actually as good as their brochure claims.