Why You Should Add Amsterdam to Your RTW Trip

Amsterdam is one of the highlights of any trip to Europe. It’s a city with a boatload of history and is certainly one of a kind. With its liberal governing ways, circular design with canals providing a backdrop of beauty and uniqueness, leaving Amsterdam off any trip to Europe is not recommended. Many people automatically think of the famed red light district and coffee shops that sell more than just coffee when first thinking of Amsterdam, but the city has so much more to offer.

The folks at our sister site over at BootsnAll have been renewing their focus lately, making an effort to promote indie travel. The pinnacle of the indie travel experience is taking a round the world trip. BootsnAll’s round the world trip planning section has been revamped and updated to help anyone interested in taking the leap and traveling long term.

In addition to the RTW section, they have also been updating their city guides to point out those off the beaten path places to visit within each city. While travelers certainly should see the sites that make each city famous, it’s also good to find ways to see each city in a new and unique way that most tourists don’t make an effort to see. If you check out the Amsterdam page, you will see why any travel lover should consider adding Amsterdam to a RTW trip. There are plenty of places beyond the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank House, and the Vondelpark that could keep any traveler busy for quite a while.

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