British Embassy & Consulates in Amsterdam

Even though Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, most of the paperwork for the country is done in The Hague (Den Haag), which is about 50 minutes away by train. But before you head to the train station, realize that most citizen services for UK passport holders are performed at the consulate in Amsterdam.

Trains to Den Haag leave several times per hour from Amsterdam Centraal during the day, and the one-way fare is just under €10 for an adult.

British Embassy
Lange Voorhout 10
2514 ED The Hague

phone: +31 (0)70 4270 427
fax: (31) (70) 427 0345
Official British Embassy in the Netherlands website

British Consulate in Amsterdam




All passport services and most other services for UK citizens are dealt with at the Amsterdam Consulate, which is located at the edge of Vondelpark in the southern part of the city center.

Koningslaan 44
1075 AE Amsterdam
phone: +31 (0)20 676 4343

Visiting hours: Monday to Friday 08.30 – 13.30

Postal address:


PO Box 75488
1070 AL Amsterdam

Map of the Amsterdam British Consulate

Below you’ll see a satellite image pointing out the British Consulate just off Vondelpark. For a better view of how this fits into the city center see the main Amsterdam map page and look for Vondelpark near the bottom left corner.

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  • Nickolas

    I’m currently living in the Netherlands and seeking information about enrolment in her Highness’s army.

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    Hello there, My name is Tzepos, I am greek so, an EU citizen, and want go to the UK work as Au pair…
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    Dear Sir/Madam, please l want to inform you that l have Netherland second Passport is call Nederland Aliens Traveling Passport. l want to know if l can use it to traveling to Uk for a visit for Holiday for 3 day to 5 days with out a visa. l was assylum in the Netherland befor and they gave me a stay permit with Traveling document with I.D. Card five years also the Travel document is five years so l want to know from your office if l can use it to traveling with out visa to uk only. please send your reply to me so l will know all the information. please l will be very happy if you use your good office on this my matters as a matters of urgent. l will be waiting for your reply
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    Dear sir/madam,i want to inform you that i have netherland secend passport called verblijf document and i have also traveling document so i want to know if i can use that to traveling to uk for visiting my family with out a visa.I was refuge who was invited by netherland goverment so i want to know from your office if can use it to traveling with out visa to uk or i must have a visa.
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