Amsterdam Map

Interactive Google map

Below is an interactive Google map so you can zoom in and move the map itself around. Below this you’ll find links to each thing featured on the map (and if you click on each blue marker you’ll get more information).

Information on main attractions and neighborhoods

Centraal Station – The main train station where most visitors arrive
>>more information on the Centraal Station area

Red Light District – This gorgeous historical neighborhood has great nightlife, coffee shops, and most of Amsterdam’s famous prostitutes
>>more information on the Red Light District

Anne Frank House – One of the city’s most famous attractions
>>more information on the Anne Frank House
Jordaan – This trendy residential neighborhood is filled with art galleries and nice restaurants
>>more information on the Jordaan neighborhood
Waterlooplein Flea Market – This outdoor market is definitely worth a look
>>more information on the Waterlooplein Flea Market
Rembrandtplein – This square is where most of the city’s most glamorous nightclubs and restaurants are
>>more information on the Rembrandtplein area

Leidseplein – This square is lined with restaurants and bars and is a must-visit place for visitors
>>more information on the Leidseplein area

– This is the city’s nicest and most famous park
>>more information on Vondelpark
Rijksmuseum – This giant museum is the best in the city, but the displays are limited during a long-running renovation
>>more information on the Rijkmuseum

Van Gogh Museum
– The famous museum is excellent as long as you like the artwork of Van Goh
>>more information on the Van Gogh Museum
Heineken Experience – This former brewery houses a fun tour that includes beer tasting
>>more information on the Heineken Experience

Albertcuyp Street Market – This long street market is a great place to look for cheap fashions and nearly everything else
>>more information on the Albertcuyp Street Market