Edible marijuana, space cakes, pot brownies – Amsterdam Coffeeshops FAQ

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What about eating it, like in pot brownies?

Great idea! In Amsterdam they sell all sorts of cannabis edibles under the thinly veiled codename ‘space cakes’ or ‘space cookies’ or ‘space muffins’ or whatever. They are only sold at coffeeshops and they are noticeably more expensive than normal dessert items, so there is almost no chance of getting one accidentally. A few places even sell ‘space tea’ or other variations. All these things will get you to the same place, but the strength of each can be wildly different so it’s important that you know exactly what you are ordering and eating.

Can you taste the weed or hash in space cakes?

Yes, you usually can taste something unusual, but it’s not an unpleasant taste at all. The most common space cakes are poppy seed flavored, and that doesn’t mask the weed or hash too much. If you get a chocolate brownie or cookie you might not taste it at all.

Is the high from space cakes the same as from smoking?

Spacecake1It’s definitely very similar, but there are some major differences to consider before you take that first bite. First of all, it can take between 20 to 60 minutes before you feel even the beginnings of what will be a long trip. If you’ve eaten a space cake on a full stomach it might take up to 2 hours before you are fully in its throws, but if you’ve consumed one on an empty stomach you might already be reaching the peak in about an hour. Either way, don’t worry about it wearing off anytime soon because the peak usually lasts about 4 hours.

Here’s a typical itinerary for this particular trip:

0:00 (elapsed time) – Eat a delicious space cake
0:30 – Hmmm…is it starting to hit me?
1:00 – Wow, yeah, I definitely feel it now.
2:00 – Whew! This is unreal.
3:00 – I can’t believe how amazingly good I still feel!
4:00 – Still going! What were we just talking about?
5:00 – It’s starting to wear off for sure now, but I still feel great.
6:00 – Feeling quite groggy now, must sleep soon.

One fascinating and surprising thing about eating space cakes is that, if anything, the cottonmouth feeling is even worse with these things than it is with smoking. All this time we thought it had to do with the smoke, but evidently something else in the cannabis somehow shuts off your salivary glands. But don’t automatically go reaching for that next pint of Heineken because it could spell trouble (see separate topic in another section).

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