Amsterdam flight bargains are still possible (from Canada, at least)

As you may know, I keep close track of Amsterdam airfare price trends from North America, and about once a month I post the best prices I can find from each major city. For some strange reason the best prices seem to be from Toronto lately, and that trend is continuing.

I just heard about some really tempting airfares on Martinair from Toronto and Montreal, and wrote about them on, which is another site in the network that hosts this one. On that site several of us are scanning for the best travel bargains we can find each day and writing about them, so it should be a good place to look for travel deals, especially if you aren’t sure where you want to go but you want to find a cheap trip somehow.

We cover flights and packages all over the world, but deals originating from North America are the most common. You might want to check out the Cheaptravelscout RSS feed so you can quickly see if anything interests you.