Flights to Amsterdam are getting cheap(er) again

I haven’t done this in a while, partly because it was somewhat depressing to track prices for Amsterdam airfare that just kept going higher and higher. The peak demand in summer combined with those crazy fuel surcharges meant nearly every flight from North America to the Dam was $1,000+ at the very least, and sometimes way above that mark. The good news is that prices have settled back down again, just as we’d expect this time of year.

I used a database system to look for the lowest possible fares from the 9 cities listed below to Amsterdam. In some cases the lowest fares are for flights in February (which is traditionally the absolute cheapest time to travel), but in many cases the lowest price was for a flight coming up in late September or early October.

I study these airfare movements a lot, and now that there are a few websites who keep track of these for us it’s much easier to see the trends. Generally the lowest prices on flights are found 2 to 8 weeks out from departure date, except in cases of holidays when it’s best to buy as early as possible. So if you are shopping for a flight in November or later, you might consider waiting a bit to see if it’ll go lower, which it normally does as the busy season fades into memory. The trend in fuel prices also looks good for further surcharge reductions, but you never really know.

The prices below are for the cheapest round trips I could find out of these 9 North American cities, and they include all taxes and surcharges. You might find even lower prices within the next few weeks.

  • Atlanta – $756
  • Boston – $668
  • Chicago – $699
  • Los Angeles – $805
  • New York City – $661
  • Portland, Or – $815
  • Seattle – $849
  • San Francisco – $805
  • Toronto – $630