Late spring airfare to Amsterdam

Schiphol NorthwestIf you are planning an Amsterdam trip coming up soon and you haven’t yet booked your ticket this could be a tricky time to get a cheap flight to Amsterdam. I used to live in Amsterdam, but now I live in Portland, Oregon and I go back and forth doing research trips so I’m always investigating airfare trends and whatnot. Now that spring 2008 has arrived things are getting quite expensive and with the fuel surcharges going up lately there isn’t much reason to think these prices are going to go down much soon.

Since I’m always curious about airfare from all over and I frequently have friends asking me about this subject I’ve decided to report on this regularly here on Amsterdamlogue. You possibly saw my last installment when I reported on Spring 2008 airfare to Amsterdam early in the year. Take a look at that list and you’ll see how much prices have shot up in just a couple months. I’ve also added Toronto to the list, and I’ll keep checking that one as well since I have friends in Canada who occasionally fly to Amsterdam.

I started by checking prices for summer 2008 and it was brutal. Most everything I could find for a June 2008 trip was over US$1,000, and that was so depressing I decided to check late spring prices and wait for some kind of summer fare sale before I check June again. Even with a summer fare sale the prices are almost guaranteed to be higher than the ones listed below, but they might be a little cheaper than they are coming up right now.

I’ll keep checking for summer fare sales and other price breaks and I’ll write about them here as soon as I see anything, so it might be worth checking back here from time to time.

For this trial I searched for the lowest roundtrip fare in either April or May 2008 from the cities below. Most of these fares were found for April trips so even May is likely to be higher. The one notable exception is from Toronto on Martinair Holland, which seems to have this sub US$500 price through May as well, although certainly not for every flight.

Best prices I could find for April or May 2008 to Amsterdam

  • Atlanta – $820
  • Boston – $649
  • Chicago – $747
  • Los Angeles – $799
  • New York City – $589
  • Portland, Or – $794
  • Seattle – $850
  • San Francisco – $752
  • Toronto – $489

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