Finding and buying space cakes – Amsterdam Coffeeshops FAQ

This is part of an Amsterdam Coffeeshops FAQ series

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Space muffin

So how do I know how strong each item is?

Again, the people in the shops who sell them are usually extremely honest about this. One shop might sell slices of cake that are really strong, and a place down the block might sell a slice that is only about half that strong. Just ask the person behind the counter and they’ll tell you how theirs tend to stack up against others in the city.

Smaller people or first-timers can often feel great with half a slice, or with one of the cookies that exist just so each place has different strengths available. As a rule, most men do well with a full one of the largest thing they have, and most women do well with a small or medium item, but of course, your mileage may vary.

How much do they cost?

Space cakes tend to cost around €5, give or take a euro. Cookies are usually around €3 to €4.

Do all coffeeshops sell space cakes?

Not long ago perhaps only about 25% of the coffeeshops in Amsterdam sold space cakes, and almost all of those were near Centraal Station and the Red Light District. But now you can get them at nearly every coffeeshop in Amsterdam. If you happen to walk into one that doesn’t carry them, chances are the next place you go will, but honestly they pretty much all do since the 2008 smoking ban has changed the way many people consume cannabis in the city.

Where is the best place to get them?

It’s hard to say, but Baba and Hill Street Blues, which are both on Warmeosstraat have good ones and are nice shops in general. It’s really hard to go wrong. Most people don’t buy space cakes for the delicious cake part of the experience, but if that is important to you it might be good to ask to see the cakes before you buy to make sure they are fresh. Most places get new cakes in daily, so the chances of them being fresh are pretty good everywhere. I’d recommend looking at shops close to Centraal Station, and probably not at ones close to Rembrantplein, because ones in that area tend to be overpriced with everything they carry.

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