The Jordaan neighborhood spotlighted in video

Not long ago I wrote about an entertaining video on learning key Dutch phrases in two minutes that is part of the collection from Geobeats. I really hope this company does well and produces more videos because I think these are really helpful. They are more professionally produced than just about anything on Youtube, and they are done by locals who really know their stuff, rather than by random tourists just pointing cameras at things hoping for the best. Right now there are videos of a few dozen cities around the world, and there are 4 total for Amsterdam.

The video below is a nice introduction to the Jordaan neighborhood, presented by the stunning Peggy Vullings (who doesn’t get enough screen time, if you ask me). One reason I like this video so much is that it does well in capturing the charm of the Jordaan, which is otherwise hard to see in photos and even harder to describe. They also show the Anne Frank House, which is just across the Prinsengracht Canal from the Jordaan, but mostly it’s just a nice montage of the galleries, restaurants, cafes, and bars that make the area so nice.

For those not familiar with it yet, the Jordaan is a low-key neighborhood just on the edge of the main city center ring, and in the past couple decades it’s gone from something of a slum to the trendiest address in Amsterdam. There aren’t really any tourist attractions there, and it’s even a bit difficult recommending exactly what people should do or see when they go. It’s just a pleasant neighborhood with loads of small galleries and shops, and plenty of small restaurants and bars mixed in. You can see where it’s located and how close it is to many of the main tourist attractions on the Amsterdam map. Just look in the top left of the map, and then take into account that the Jordaan is that whole area, and the blue pointer is pointing at the heart of the district.

If you go check out the Jordaan, and I definitely recommend that you do, you won’t see too many other tourists, which is part of its appeal. Don’t expect to be blown away because it’s really nothing more than a pleasant residential district, but it’s a great little break from the madness of the city center just a few blocks away.

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