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You can’t beat a good, old fashioned paperback Amsterdam travel guide book when you’re here and wandering around. Here are our recommended ones:

Free downloadable Amsterdam travel guide
For a free downloadable basic Amsterdam travel guide check out the huge group of free arrival guides on BootsnAll, or download the Amsterdam guide directly here.
Amsterdam map
The city center is quite compact and everything is walking distance from everything else as long as you are reasonably fit and are wearing comfortable shoes. Check out the Amsterdam map to see where the main attractions and areas are located.

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Amsterdam is one of the most popular cities in Europe for holidays, with a unique combination of elements that draw new visitors every year. This Amsterdam travel guide is the place to start exploring all the different elements of your trip that are covered in greater detail elsewhere.
Amsterdam travel guideAirfare – Fortunately, Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport is a major transit hub in northern Europe so airfares to Amsterdam can be reasonable even during high season.
Car rental – Don’t even think about renting a car to explore Amsterdam itself, but when you want to move on and see the rest of the Netherlands or nearby Belgium and Germany, renting a car is very worthwhile.
Vacations – Amsterdam isn’t known as a major package tourism destination, but there are definitely ways to arrange for all-inclusive deals covering airfare, hotels, and more.
Schiphol Airport – This is perennially voted as one of the world’s best airports and upon arrival you’ll get an idea why. This is a modern facility with ample shopping and other amenities, and an excellent transportation system that gets you back and forth to the city center quickly and cheaply.
Getting around Amsterdam – Once you arrive in the city center it’s likely that you’ll be able to see everything on foot if you are up for it. Walking here is the best way to get around as it allows you to check out the never-ending parade of interesting things along the way, and distances are never too great. But if you aren’t much of a walker you are also in luck since the public transportation system here is excellent and affordable. Getting around Amsterdam is a breeze whether on foot or using public transport.
Where to stay in Amsterdam – As far as the visitor is concerned, there are three main districts in Amsterdam to be aware of. There are hotels, hostels, bars, restaurants, and coffeeshops spread all over the city center, but three general neighborhoods have by far the greatest concentration of them. And since they are each quite different, it will help newcomers to know the differences between them, particularly if they’ve yet to select a hotel or hostel.
Centraal Station – The area near the train station is by far the largest of the three and contains quite a few different flavors in just that area.
Rembrandtplein – This area is further out, about a 15-minute walk from Centraal Station itself. Rembrandtplein is home to a large cluster of hotels and glamorous nightlife.
Leidseplein – Further still than Rembrandtplein, this area is home to well over a hundred restaurants and a great concentration of Amsterdam nightlife.
It’s a good idea to check out some of these Amsterdam videos, which will show you in just a few minutes what you can expect when you get here. There are videos that show the Red Light District, a coffeeshop, a canal tour, and biking around the city. It’s almost as good as coming yourself.




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Other resources
If you’ll be coming to Amsterdam soon it’s a good idea to download the current weekly issue of the Amsterdam Weekly, which is the local English-language entertainment paper. It’s available free at a few places in the city, and it’s also available free online in pdf form. For more information check out the story on the Amsterdam Weekly.

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