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Amsterdam VacationsAmsterdam isn’t the sort of destination that is big with the folks who want to pick a place and have a travel agent figure out every detail for one price. It can be done, and depending on a few factors you can get a really good deal by combining Amsterdam airfare and a hotel, possibly throwing in a city tour or other options for your Amsterdam vacation. It’s never a bad idea to put in your dates and get a quote from an all-inclusive package provider. At the very least you’ll have a baseline from which to work when you are sorting out good airfare and hotel deals individually.

For those who want to spend a bit more time and customize their Amsterdam vacation there are several ways to save money, and in the process get closer to the culture you are traveling all this way to visit. The major airlines combine their flights with tourist-class hotels on these packages, so if you are set on a major airline and a somewhat fancy hotel they might be the best deal. But if you are a bit more flexible you can often spend even less and have a more interesting stay.




Finding a cheap flight

Some of the discount carriers fly into Amsterdam and many of them don’t compete in the package vacation market. It’s worth it to run your dates through an Amsterdam airfare-only search just to see what comes up. There are also some Asian airlines that use Amsterdam as a stopover and hub, so occasionally you can find a great deal on a flight on an airline you would never have even thought of.

Finding a hotel

Hotels in Amsterdam tend to fall into two major categories. One category consists of the larger chains where the insides of the hotels are indistinguishable from one another. These are almost always very quiet and comfortable, but they are also more expensive than the smaller family-run hotels all over the city. The package vacations usually include only a selection of the chain hotels, and the prices are usually better than the normal rack rates.

The cheaper hotels

But if you look around on your own you can almost always find an interesting small hotel whose rates are even lower than the discount package rates at the chains. There are a few disadvantages to the smaller and lower-rated hotels, but there are also some hidden advantages. Not only will you be saving money, you’ll also be getting a much closer view into the local culture. The people who run these smaller places are usually very proud of their neighborhood, and the small size allows you to easily soak it all in, while guests at chain hotels have trouble getting past the lavish and pricey hotel restaurants and lounges.

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