12 hottest escorts in Amsterdam

The lovely ladies on the list below should be extremely proud to be here. Since the Amsterdam prostitution scene is perhaps the most famous in the world, being one of the 12 hottest escorts in Amsterdam is like being in the Olympic finals (of escorting). There are also gorgeous woman working at Amsterdam’s brothels as well as in the city’s sex clubs, which are similar in some ways and different in others. And anyone who’s toured the Red Light District at night
knows there are some shockingly beautiful women working behind the famous Amsterdam windows as well. If you notice a lack of diversity in the escorts below it’s mostly to do with the fact that this is Europe and most of the escorts are of European heritage, with the former Eastern European countries strongly represented. There are definitely East Asian and black prostitutes in Amsterdam, but not as many as you might expect, and they don’t seem to be too prevalent on the many escort sites that show off their team with nice professional photographs.

There are several escort services that show their available escorts without showing their faces or with blurry patches over their eyes. Some of these women are probably quite lovely, but they can’t be considered for this hottest escorts list with that strategy. After scouring literally dozens of Amsterdam escort sites and many hundreds of women, below are the most photogenic 12 we could find, along with many of the key details given by their agencies. You can read all about how things work, how much things cost, what to expect, and find links to most of the better agencies in the main Amsterdam escorts section.

The selections and rankings here came from extensive surveying, which has given the list a bit of a mix, and also proved that each person’s tastes are different. You’d likely rank them differently yourself, and you are welcome to give us your own opinions in the comments selection below.

Amsterdam’s 12 hottest escorts

(slightly NSFW photos below)



Pure Senses Escort

What we know about her:
Jennifer won’t strip for you, and she won’t
do a threesome with a couple, but she will do a threesome with two men, and she is open to giving you a massage. She probably has a gorgeous smile, but she doesn’t smile in any of her photos. She can be found on the Angels of Amsterdam site as well.

Age: 23
Height: 170 cm / 5’7”
Weight: 57 kg / 126 lbs.
Cupsize: C
Rate: Starting at €180 per hour




Dibbes Escort

What we know about her:
There’s no biography of Anna, but we are guessing she’s another Eastern
European girl who’s come to Amsterdam to liven the place up a bit. She is one of those adorable blonds that would show up at a job
interview and she’d get the job, no matter what the job actually was. If you look closely at this photo and another on the site
you’ll notice the “tramp stamp” tattoo, but those seem to be very common these days and we aren’t holding that against her.

Age: 25
Height: 176 cm / 5’5”
Weight: 52 kg / 115 lbs.
Cupsize: B75 / 34B
Rate: €170 per hour




Pleasure Escort

What we know about her:
Victoria has that sparkle in her eyes that many of us guys find
irresistible, but like the other girls on Pleasure Escort she doesn’t have a real biography, so we are left to come up with our own
story. Her listing does say that she speaks both Spanish and English, but she doesn’t really look like she’s from Spain to us, and
even if she were she probably wouldn’t speak English well anyway. Her questionnaire says she’s pretty adventurous, unless you are a
couple looking for a threesome, so she might be open to quite a bit aside from that.

Age: 21
Height: 1.73 cm / 5’7”
Weight: 51 kg / 112 lbs
Cupsize: B75 / 34B
Rate: €160 per hour



Amsterdam Escorts

What we know about her:
Jenna like a trio of men or women. Accepts Oral, sex, striptease, and erotic massage. She is young, petite and blonde.

Age: 20
Height: 1.67 cm / 5’6”
Weight: 53 kg / 117 lbs.
Cupsize: B
Measurements: 87-58-90 cm
Rate: €140 per hour



Girls Company

What we know about her:
Jessica is an open minded young brunette bisexual into trios/couple men and or women. Oral + oral with condom costs extra. Sex, striptease and erotic massage like most on this list.

What they say about her: Jessica is seriously photogenic, she’s got the look. She’s an elegant young woman looking to spend time with men who appreciate a mutually involved and satisfying experience. She says, “Fantasy is a treat waiting to unfold into reality. I love to have fun and play, will you come and share my sweet secrets?” Amsterdam, you don’t visit it every day, so take your time, sit back, relax, and savor what we offer.

Age: 21
eyes: Green
No Tattoos
Height: 1.70 cm / 5’7”
Weight: 54 kg / 118 lbs
Measurements: 75-60-80 cm
Rate: €140 per hour



Escorts Elegance

What we know about her:
Rosy loves to party and loves oral, sex, striptease, erotic massage, and has girlfriend experience. This stunning blonde is experienced and high class.

What they say about her: Truly amazing, drop-dead gorgeous, indescribable attractive, incredible beautiful eyes, most fair skin… dear gentlemen, sometimes god is showing off and let us see how beautiful nature can be. It doesn’t get much better than this. She is sweet but naughty, knows exactly how to play us simple men. The next is coming straight out of a review. I meet a lot of escorts in Amsterdam, they were al nice, but Britney she does something…. i don’t even know what and how she does it, but it’s just that extra what i am looking for.. My time with her was incredible. For me Amsterdam will never be the same..
Age: 22
Height: 166 cm / 5’6”
Cupsize: C
Measurements: 80-60-82 cm
Rate: €140 per hour



Amsterdam Escorts

What we know about her:
Openminded escort girl Alexandra, is a rare beauty. she has the most amazing body, smile and character.She is very openminded/easy going.. maybe its a naughty but she likes special fantasies… Her own fantasy is doing it in front of a mirror.

What they say about her: Maybe she should be at number one in the Hottest.

Age: 18(?)
Height: 1.69 cm / 5’7”
Weight: 55 kg / 121 lbs
Cupsize: C
Measurements: 76-61-74 cm
Rate: €140 per 1 hour



Escorts Elegance

What we know about her:
Chantal is new to the Amsterdam escort scene, and has very high reviews according to the website. She is a Bbisexual brunette that is slim/petite. Body to body, erotic massage, striptease and sex with a trio are all part of her repetoire. Have we found the perfect girl?

What they say about her: Blond, green eyes & extremely wild…. do not make a mistake with Chantal, she looks inocent, her name sounds inocent, but she is WILD with the capital W… she is specialized in the art of striptease, But wild Striptease, specially private wild striptease. her hobbies are sports like fitness, loves the watch different sports, smokes accasionely, drinks occasionely… but takes very very good care of her body.

Age: 24
Height: 1.71 cm / 5’8”
Weight: 54 kg / 119 lbs
Cupsize: C (implants)
Rate: €150 per hour – trio is €220 per hour



Girls Company

What we know about her:
Lora is an open minded bisexual brunette that is slim/petite. S and M with domination is part of her game as well as sex, greek, Oral, striptease and erotic massage. I’m guessing you can get what you want here.

What they say about her: Slim, good looking, and very open-minded are a rare combination. Lora loves A-level and will serve more special requests, but don’t be surprised if she makes a nice request of her own, too. What goes around comes around. Lora says, “I can turn you on so much you’ll be shocked!”

Age: 23
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Eyes: Brown
Measurements: 75-60-74 cm
Cupsize: B75
Rate: €140 per hour



Amsterdam Escorts

What we know about her:
Kim is a pure women, all natural full of passion and desire. This escort has the highest rate of returning visitors with our escort service. We have customers who book here up to 3 months in advance just be sure that she is available during their stay in Amsterdam. Her eyes are blocked out on the website but looks like she could be one in a million

Age: 21
Height: 1.71 cm / 5’7”
Weight: 54 kg / 119 lbs
Cupsize: B
Measurements: 80-65-80 cm
Rate: €140 per hour/trio €220 per hour



Escorts Elegance

What we know about her:
Misha is a gorgeous lady that has style, class, looks, and loves to have a great time. Specialties include tantric, swingers and fetish requests.

What they say about her: This gorgeous lady has style, class, looks, loes to have a great time… she is adventurous, always open for new suggestions.. On the pictures you can already see your time with her will be amazing.. show her an amazing time back… she sends you a big big kiss…

Age: 22
Height: 1.68 cm / 5’7”
Weight: 54 kg / 120 lbs
Cupsize: C70
Rate: €150 per hour/€220 for a trio



Darlings in Strings

What we know about her:
High class escort girl Rachelle is specialized in excellent erotic, bodytobody, tantric massages. She is working for the elite massage service Darlings in Strings which works with high class models only. Rachelle and her girlfriends are notorious by their extremely sensual and erotic massage. If you are looking for something more than just an escort, check this place. +31615131800 or email: office@darlingsinstrings.com

Age: 20
Height: 1.67 cm / 5’6”
Weight: 56 kg / 124 lbs
Cupsize 75 B
Rate: Starting at €150 per hour

Congratulations to all the wonderful women who made the list. Feel free to share your own picks in the comments section below.