Amsterdam escorts – A guide to the escort scene in Amsterdam

Amsterdam phonesJust as is true in nearly every big city on the planet, Amsterdam has an abundance of “escort” services that help lonely clients meet partners for a bit of short term fun at a predetermined price. One difference here is that since prostitution itself is completely legal, the escort agencies here are also completely legal and they don’t have to pretend to offer just “companionship” or “nude modeling” or anything else so unsubtle. The entire Amsterdam XXX scene is very out in the open and relatively safe as well.

Here you’ll call an agency or contact them through their website, and assuming everything goes well you’ll have the woman (or man, actually) of your short-term dreams on their way to your hotel or apartment, or at the very least you’ll have an appointment set up for sometime soon.

One thing to start with upfront, escorts in Amsterdam are among the most expensive ways to get laid for a fee in this city, but of course there is something to be said for the privacy and discretion possible when you don’t even have to leave your own hotel room. Many of the women are quite lovely, and some of the agencies they work for offer very reasonable prices. You might start off by checking out Amsterdamlogue’s 12 hottest escorts in Amsterdam, but just to give you more information, there are three other ways to buy some quality time with Amsterdam’s famous hookers, so we’ll give you a short introduction to those now before we discuss the escort scene in detail.

Red Light District window girls
Everyone knows about the girls behind the windows in the Red Light District. If your goal is to get off in a hurry, then this is your best bet. A “suck and fuck” here starts at a pretty standard price of €50 for 15-20 minutes, but don’t expect anything resembling a GFE here, and there are some other drawbacks, although many of the girls are actually quite lovely.

>>more information on the Red Light District prostitutes

In Amsterdam there is a pretty big distinction between brothels and sex clubs (below). Brothels here are known as privenhuizen (private houses) and they offer discreet and friendly service in a relaxed atmosphere for a surprisingly low price, with no gouging or games to worry about. There are about 10 of these private-house brothels in Amsterdam, mostly outside the tourist center, but not by much.

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Sex Clubs
The sex clubs in Amsterdam operate in a very similar way to the brothels mentioned above, but they come with some potential headaches. Instead of discreetly meeting each girl one by one in a private room, the sex clubs have bar/lounge areas where the girls and other potential customers mix before pairing off to go to the rooms in back. The basic price can be reasonable, but watch out or the whole experience will cost a fortune unintentionally. It’s all explained on the page linked below.

>>more information on sex clubs in Amsterdam

Escorts in Amsterdam

Amsterdam boothIn addition to the obvious difference between you going to their location and them coming to yours, the escort Amsterdam game is also set up more for longer appointments that include actual companionship as well as one or more sex acts. Each agency has their own focus and set of rules, so it’s hard to generalize, but almost all of them have a 1-hour minimum and many actually have a 2-hour minimum. Most of them also have special rates for 4, 8, or 12 hours, or even for a full day or two, but of course none of this comes cheap. Some of the agencies have set operating hours running from mid afternoon until early morning, and a few claim to operate around the clock.

You’ll either contact the agency on the phone to discuss your request, or you’ll actually book online with a fairly extensive form to fill out. In either case you can expect very discreet service, as even though it’s legal here, neither the customer nor the girl have much to gain by advertising the transaction to other hotel guests or employees. The hotel desk person will likely know what’s going on, since this is fairly common in Amsterdam, but it shouldn’t take on any embarrassing aspects for anyone involved.

The agencies here tend to work as legitimate businesses that provide services rather than thuggish pimps you might find in other cities. Some girls will come in a car with a driver, and others will drive themselves or come by a taxi or public transportation. The price you are quoted should be the full price for the time with the girl, so you won’t be asked to pay a taxi fee. The girls usually show up at your room by themselves, but they will always ask for the money almost right away, which is the tradition around the world, and the sensible thing for them to do anyway.

You should know what it’s going to cost you before they even get there, but of course you’ll sometimes have the option to pay for special extras or more time. And it’s a really good idea to be clear on what the girl is willing to do before she’s on her way to your place. Most escorts would be considered a girlfriend experience (GFE) as you’ll have at least an hour to work your way up to the climax, but many of them will not kiss on the lips or perform in positions some people consider unusual, at least for the base price. If you have your heart set on something specific that is more than a body massage followed by missionary sex, it’s important to be clear about that before booking is complete because in some cases you might spend quite a bit of money and come away disappointed.

Prices for Amsterdam escorts

As mentioned, most services start at a 1-hour minimum, although some start at 2 hours. With all of them you can add extra hours for a price that is usually a bit less than the first hour, but not by as much as you might think. The cheapest escorts in Amsterdam seem to start around €130 per hour, and the most expensive start around €325 per hour. Jan Bik, which is a combination of a sex club and a private-house brothel, also offers out-call escorts for €100 per hour (details near the bottom of this page), so price-conscious men have a good alternative to the window girls.

Needless to say, you pretty much get what you pay for in a business like this, but there are definitely situations where someone booked a girl from one of the more expensive services only to find that the photo they saw was 10 years and 30 lbs. ago. It seems very rare that a girl will arrive who is obviously not the one in the picture, but beyond that it’s still pretty easy to open the door to find something less than you were expecting staring back at you. If you go for one of the cheaper escort companies you know in advance you won’t be ordering up a perfect 10, and there is always a bit of risk in a transaction like this.

Escorts from sex clubs

Several of the sex clubs listed on that page also offer escort service as well. If the idea appeals to you, you could potentially go visit one of those clubs to view and chat with the girls there, and then arrange an appointment with them later at your hotel. At least that way you know what you’ll be getting. These places are listed at the bottom of this page.

Escort agencies in Amsterdam

There are dozens and probably even hundreds of websites offering Amsterdam escorts. Many of them are well established with great reputations, and many of them are nothing more than a website where the owner books escorts only when he gets an inquiry himself through his site. And as is true elsewhere, many of the escorts work as independent contractors, so you could potentially book the same girl through a variety of sites, and even pay a different price through each one.

Listed below you’ll find a selection of some of the escort services that are known as being legitimate, although certainly each of them also has some disappointed past clients for various reasons. This whole thing is a bit of a gamble, so try not to get your expectations unreasonably high if you are going to hire an escort. Many past clients rave about having the best sex ever, but of course everyone has different tastes and some girls might be in a playful mood one day and in a terrible mood the next. Your mileage may vary, as they say.

NOTE: All agencies must now be licensed

In early 2009 the city of Amsterdam has begun enforcing their licensing requirement for these companies in a serious way. A few of them are shut down, at least temporarily, and those links have been removed. We know that most of these with websites still operating have complied with the license requirement, but word is that a couple are still refusing to comply or shut down. We’ll be removing those from this directory as soon as we have everything confirmed. We’ve noted the ones we know have licenses, and recommend you stick with those if you want to play it safe. After all, if a company operates illegally in an open environment like this, you could be in for other unpleasant surprises by patronizing them.

August 2009 update: The licensing law now applies to all agencies doing business in Amsterdam, and as of January, 2010, the law will likely apply to all agencies operating throughout the Netherlands. All the licenses (where noted) for the agencies listed below have been confirmed through Amsterdam City Hall, and others are pending.

Regular escort agencies and high-class escort agencies

If you are looking for quick sex with a pretty girl in the privacy or your hotel room, then the list below of “regular” escort agencies have got you covered. But if you are looking for more of a fantasy encounter and you have the money to pay for it, consult the list of “high-class” agencies toward the bottom.
>>more information on regular escorts vs. high-class escorts

Regular escort agencies

(high-class agencies are listed down the page)

Angels of Amsterdam (licensed)
This appears to be a newer agency, or at least their site appears to be new, and it’s quite impressive. Right now they have 14 escorts listed (basically the same girls that appear on the Pure Senses site, listed below), most of whom are showing their faces, and most of them are quite attractive. The site itself is very slick, with a nice feature that allows you to select a criteria like dress size, cup size, whether they kiss or not etc., and with one click you’ll only be looking at the girls who fit that criteria. The site says the girls work independently so they each set their own price, but most of them list a price of “starting at €200”, which seems pretty reasonable compared to many other agencies. Several of the escorts currently listed have “reviews” that you can read, and all of them have a button where you can write your own review (presumably after hiring them), and while reviews are extremely helpful for something like this, it’s a bit hard to trust ones posted by the agency itself. Not all the reviews there are 100% glowing, so it’s very possible they are real, though it seems unlikely they’d actually post one that said the girl was rubbish.
Angels of Amsterdam site

Girl’s Company Escort Service (licensed)
Girls Company recently upgraded its website, and they seem to have added quite a few new girls as well. They have quite a few very pretty girls on their roster, and the most shocking thing might be that most of them are around the €140 per hour range, with a one-hour minimum, which puts them clearly into the bargain category in spite of what looks to be a professionally run outfit. Now you can also read short and creative biographies about each girl, which should tell you at least a bit about their personality. This is one of the most entertaining sites to just click around, but if you are serious about companionship then this looks like a good option as well.
Girls Company site

Heaven Escort (licensed)
This agency seems to have quite a good reputation according to past customers. The descriptions of things on their site make it sound like a professional and no-nonsense outfit. The girls shown are quite impressive, and if you click the right place next to their name you’ll get more photos and a checklist of their details and what they’ll do and won’t do. They don’t give rate information on their site, but they do promise three hours will be at a 10% discount, so you’ve got that going for you, which is nice.
Heaven Escort site

Pleasure Escort (licensed)
Here’s another agency that seems to be very straightforward about everything, which is refreshing in this game. They have photos of around 40 girls on their site, and most have several poses where you can even see their face without it being blurred over. Many of the girls are quite pretty, so this seems like a good choice, especially since their rate is €160 per hour as long as you are in Amsterdam. They even offer an expensive Hummer H3 limousine service, which starts at €475 per hour including one of their girls.
Pleasure escort site

Escorts Elegance (licensed)

This new agency appears to be related to at least one other existing agency, since at least a few of the girls look a bit familiar. The girls on the main page are mostly shown from a distance so it’s actually easy to miss the fact that many of them are unusually beautiful. They all seem to have their own rate, but that rate seems to be €150 per hour with a one-hour minimum, so this puts them on the budget end of things, in spite of the lovely girls. Each girl has the standard list of things she likes (and things she won’t do), but you also get a sexy story about each of the girls, probably written by someone for whom English isn’t a first language, but all entertaining nonetheless.
Escorts Elegance site

Angels Exclusive (licensed)
Another new agency and/or new site, but they look trustworthy and the site is appealing with everything explained well. You might also take comfort in the fact that most, or possibly all, the girls are also listed with Pleasure Escort mentioned above. The price is a flat €160 for an hour, including transportation to your place and everything else, which is the same as Pleasure, and quite reasonable compared to some of the competition. If you like Eastern European-looking girls, then this agency has got you covered. Just be sure to click on the girl’s name instead of the rest of the photo, or it might seem like the site is broken.
Angels Exclusive site

Dutch Students Escort (licensed)
This agency has gotten mixed reviews in the past, and the photos of the girls on the website don’t show faces or give names, so it’s anyone’s guess if any girls currently working for this agency resemble the lovely girls on the site. With a name like Dutch Students you should be able to expect a girl well under 30, but there’s no easy way to be sure in advance. Rates are €190 for the first hour, so they are on the more affordable side of the scale.
Dutch Students site

Pure Senses Escort (licensed)
This agency currently offers 9 escorts on their site, all of them quite attractive, and all of them have several additional photos that really give you a good sense of each of them. They look to be professional and straightforward based on how the website compares to some others, and they only charge €180 per hour, with a one-hour minimum in the city of Amsterdam itself. Pure Senses also offers the same H3 Hummer limo tours that Pleasure Escort does above, so they might be somehow affiliated.
Pure Senses Escort site

Pretty Escort (licensed)
This agency has been around for quite a while, and they are known for being reasonably priced at around €150 per hour, but their website doesn’t give too much information away. The site does show many girls with names and mostly with faces visible, and the selection seems impressive online, but the usual cautions apply if you are ready to book.
Pretty Escort site

Dibbes Escort (licensed)
This agency has recently updated its website and now it’s one of the most entertaining and easiest to use in the city. They’ve also added several stunning girls to their lineup, so this should be one of your first stops if you are shopping around. The price is €175 for the first hour and €150 for additional hours, which makes them competitively priced in Amsterdam even though they have some of the most photogenic girls. Some of the escorts have a handy checklist next to their photo, which tells you what they will and won’t do. Too bad regular girls don’t all come with checklists like that.
Dibbs Escort site

Angel Escort (licensed)
This agency has been around for a while, at least, but their site doesn’t give away too many details so it’s hard to judge. No rates are listed on the site, and quite a few of the photos they show aren’t terribly flattering, so one would hope this would be on the budget end of things.
Angel Escort site

High-class escort agencies

Anna Escort (licensed)
This high-class agency is the famous one-woman operation of a girl who lists her age as 24-years-old. Anna is proud to be buxom and curvy (and based on her photos she has every right to be), and even though you can’t clearly see her face in any of her photos, she says she has gorgeous eyes. Her rates start at €700 for 3 hours, and she also offers special packages. She offers 2-hour appointments to repeat customers, but not to first timers, so it’s like the sexiest loyalty program in the world. At first it was hard to tell if there was exactly one “Anna” behind this agency, but after asking around that does seem to be the case. Unlike some other agencies here, quite a few past customers have posted very favorable reviews of their experience with Anna on sex forums, so if you can afford her it sounds like you won’t be disappointed.
Anna Escort site

Secrets International Escort (licensed)
This is a high-class escort service that started in 2006, but has already developed a good reputation in those circles. They’ve got about 20 girls on the site, and none of the photos show faces, but you can still tell that these are some well put together ladies. Each girl sets her own price, though they all seem to be around €300 per hour with a 2-hour minimum in the Netherlands, and a longer minimum for nearby countries. They also have something called “The Game” which sounds like a way you can tick off quite a few of your lifelong fantasies in one go, as long as you’ve got a minimum of €10,000 handy. Time to start buying lottery tickets!
Secrets International site

Society Service Escort (licensed)
This is yet another high-class escort service that was started in 2006. And again, the girls all have their eyes or faces hidden in all the photos, but you can still tell that these are really lovely girls. Prices start at €300 per hour with a 2-hour minimum, and each girl has an entertaining biography that will definitely make you wish you had a spare €600 somewhere. They also offer pure “companion service” so if you are meeting come clients for dinner and you want to have the hottest date in the group, that can be done for a lower hourly price than the private and discreet service, and you’ll still have a sexual encounter before the “date” ends.
Society Service site

Women of the World (licensed)
This company has perhaps the best reputation of all the escort companies in Amsterdam. It’s run by women, they say, and they specialize in high-end model-type girls (and guys too). Their website features body photos of plenty of lovely ladies, and after you figure out how it’s set up you’ll see that each has their own rate sheet. Some have 1-hour minimums and others have a 2-hour minimum, and most start around €300 per hour, though a few are a bit less expensive.
Women of the World site

Escort Service Amsterdam
In spite of the generic-sounding name, this is a new and real booking service that handles many high-end (stunning) girls, a few of whom are based in other areas but travel to Amsterdam when booked. It’s a nicely designed site and on top of that they’ve got things categorized so if you are looking for something specific then you are just one more click away from girls fitting that description (Brunette, Asian, Busty etc) – a great feature. Now that Europe’s Finest is no more, this company seems likely to capture the wealthy-businessman market. The only downside seems to be that their rates start at €325 per hour and go up to €450 per hour, making them the most expensive in the city, especially now that Europe’s Finest has closed down. Looks like you get what you pay for though, and just clicking around the site is entertaining.
Escort Service Amsterdam site

Sex clubs that offer escorts

The following operate as sex clubs, and they are all listed as such on the Amsterdam sex clubs page, and they also operate escort agencies out of the same location or hopefully using the same girls at least.

Club LV (licensed)
This sex club isn’t one of the more talked about ones, and they seem to operate an agency called Valentine Escorts using the same model photos and site artwork. Whether the escort girls are the same as the club girls is unknown, but they probably are. They don’t give away too much information on their escort site.
Club LV/Valentine Escort site

Societé Anonyme (licensed)
This sex club is located near the Heineken Brewery and Leidseplein, so it’s walking distance for many visitors. They have many escorts listed on their site, with no rate information, but there is a checklist of dos and don’ts for all of them, and many of them are quite pretty so this place might not be cheap.
Societé Anonyme site

Finding reviews and more information

There are a few worldwide websites that specialize in escort reviews and the like, and those are pretty easy to find if you know what you are looking for. But even better news is that Amsterdam has its own excellent version, which covers all the sexy stuff in the city, and not just escort reviews. Check out the message boards for the Amsterdam sex scene (plus other non-sex topics), over at Read some trip reports to find out how things went for those who came before you, and leave your own to help the community. You’ll be glad you did.

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