Early summer flights to Amsterdam

KLM climbingAbout once a month I examine trends on the cost of flights to Amsterdam from major North American cities. And in late April 2008, things are looking pretty grim for June flights. I guess the good news is that the June prices aren’t much different from the May prices I found, and a couple of them were a bit cheaper in fact.

But overall this looks like it might be the most expensive year to fly to Amsterdam ever, and the crazy strength of the euro once you get there doesn’t help anything either. You can save money by staying in one of the many Amsterdam hostels, but I’m sure the beds are being reserved early this year because no one wants to risk getting shut out and having to pay €100 for a basic Amsterdam hotel room instead.

So what I’ve done below is listed the best prices I could find for any flight from that city during the month of June. It’s possible you could find a slightly lower price, but more than likely your price would be at least a bit higher because I literally use a special database tool that shows me the absolute lowest price it can find, regardless of how long a layover might be and how inconvenient the flight times are.

So below are the late April results for June flights. If you are headed to Amsterdam that month you might be interested in the events and weather, which are described on the June in Amsterdam page.

  • Atlanta – $792
  • Boston – $711
  • Chicago – $823
  • Los Angeles – $784
  • New York City – $587
  • Portland, Or – $925
  • Seattle – $798
  • San Francisco – $842
  • Toronto – $495