High-class escorts vs. regular escorts: There’s a big difference

It’s true that ‘high-class escorts vs. regular escorts’ sounds like perhaps the greatest adult film that will never be made, but this is serious and we’ll actually be discussing the major differences between these two unique breeds of pleasure-givers here in Amsterdam, and pretty much anywhere else for that matter.

Just for a quick refresher course for those of you just joining us, prostitution in Amsterdam is legal and regulated, so this does not have the underworld element that it does most other places. You’ve probably heard of the city’s infamous Red Light District, where the girls flirt with passersby in the hopes of doing a bit of quick business, but this isn’t that.

This city also has sex clubs and brothels, which are similar but different, in addition to the raunchy and often disappointing live sex theaters. But this is about Amsterdam escorts, who’ll come to your location for a bit of companionship, or sex, if you prefer.

The basics of escort services in Amsterdam

ss1There are dozens of escort agencies serving this city, and the majority of them are what we’ll call “regular” escort agencies. You might want to take a quick look at our frequently updated list of the hottest escorts in Amsterdam, which are mostly from the “regular” category, for reasons that aren’t too obvious at first.

Most of the agencies charge around €170 per hour and they promise that they can have the girl of your dreams at your hotel within an hour or two. A few agencies advertise themselves as high-class escort services, and the difference is much more than just the fact that the price is normally about double the other ones.

Most of the rest of this article will sound like a blatant advertisement for the expensive ones, but really this is just a public service to everyone. The majority of the men who are interested in such things are better off with the regular ones, and everyone risks confusion if you don’t know the difference. I’ve had the opportunity to interview quite a few people in Amsterdam’s adult industry, so below I’ll pass along the information I’ve been told by both workers and the folks who run the businesses.

Differences between regular and high-class escorts in Amsterdam

Booking minimum

  • Regular escorts: Most regular escorts have a 1-hour minimum, although some insist on 2 hours. Here’s an agency in this category: Amsterdam Escorts Elegance
  • High-class escorts: The minimum is usually two hours, and longer is preferred for a better experience.

Escort prices

  • RE: The price will usually be between €150 and €200 per hour.
  • HCE: The price per hour will usually be €300 to €350.

annaescortInformation available

  • RE: All the information on the website about the girl will focus on the sexual act itself.
  • HCE: The information tends to focus on personality and interests, in a sexy way. Photos will usually be of higher quality and professionally done, though not always. Since these girls often have regular jobs, it’s rare that they’ll show faces in these photos.


  • RE: In Amsterdam, most regular escorts are from Eastern Europe (although there are plenty of beautiful girls, regardless).
  • HCE: Most high-class escorts are Dutch, or from nearby, and are well educated.


  • RE: Regular escorts probably know enough English to get through the transaction and enough Dutch to make it through the day, but their primary language and communication skills will usually be foreign.
  • HCE: High-class escorts all know English and Dutch, and are often fluent in several other languages.


  • RE: The websites often list the girl’s height, weight, and measurements, but beyond that any biographical information will be missing or sometimes poorly written in a laughable manner.
  • HCE: You’ll usually see a well-written (but discreet) biography that tells you something about their personality and interests in addition to their statistics.

Things that are off-limits

  • RE: For regular escorts the website will usually indicate if she’s open to kissing or massage or striptease or threesomes and whatnot. Intimate kissing is rarely allowed, so pay attention to those lists if this is important to you. A proper “girlfriend experience” is rare.
  • HCE: The classic “girlfriend experience” is the norm. This includes flirting, foreplay, kissing, and an extended sexual encounter. Things beyond this might be possible, but you’ll still want to confirm anything ahead of time because everyone has limits.

ss2Hours and notice

  • RE: A regular escort might be available at any hour of the night or day, often at surprisingly short notice. A regular escort will have several bookings per day if the phone rings enough.
  • HCE: High-class escorts prefer a minimum of several hours notice, and several days are best for everyone involved. These girls often have other jobs as well, and will never have more than one booking per night, and usually no more than 2 or 3 per week.

Presentation and clothing

  • RE: She’ll show up for the booking dressed in whatever manner she prefers, although most of them are somewhat discreet since this is something that hotels see fairly often.
  • HCE: She’ll turn up for the appointment dressed as she would for a special date, and might even take a special request into consideration.

The experience itself

  • RE: As soon as you are in a private place, the escort will begin to achieve her goal of getting the client to climax exactly once, probably as quickly and as conventionally as possible.
  • HCE: Since appointments are usually two hours or longer, the girl will begin slowly with foreplay and conversation, and work toward the girlfriend experience when the time is right. Multiple climaxes are possible, although there are no guarantees.

The agencies and availability

  • RE: The agencies themselves will operate around the clock, or at least until the wee hours of the morning.
  • HCE: Since impulsive bookings aren’t possible, these agencies tend to close up for new bookings well before midnight.

Dinner dates or other recreation

  • RE: All regular escorts are open to long bookings that involve things other than sex as well, but in light of all the above information, this probably isn’t something most people would be interested in, even at the lower hourly rates.
  • HCE: The girls typically enjoy dinner dates and are experienced at being pleasant companions. The hourly rate is sometimes lower if this is part of it, but the sexual experience is still included.

In summary

If you are horny NOW you’ve got a lot of great options in this city, including the regular escort agencies. Many of the girls are stunning, so it’s not like you have to sacrifice on the sex appeal. But if you are looking for an unforgettable night that includes that payoff men are so fond of, you’ll want to look into the high-class agencies for that.

For a longer explanation of how the agencies work, plus links to and reviews of all the better agencies, see our main Amsterdam escorts page. All of these agencies are listed there, with longer reviews, but in case you are in a hurry I’ll list the “high-class” agencies below.